Painier by Miao Ke, Cai Huixian and Chen Chenglei

Miao Ke, Cai Huixian and Chen Chenglei Presents The Painier Chain Saws For Gasoline Engines

Miao Ke, Cai Huixian and Chen Chenglei, the maker of the displayed project Chain Saws for Gasoline Engines by Miao Ke, Cai Huixian and Chen Chenglei illustrates, Painier professional gasoline engine chain saws break the inherent form language and vis <Cropped>

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Award Winning Boensmoen Primary School

Acclaimed Designer Demonstrates The Boensmoen Primary School

The maker of the displayed work Award Winning Boensmoen Primary School illustrates, Boensmoen primary school is situated in Eidsvoll Norway, a small housing community close to the main airport in Oslo. An existing secondary school from the 1960’s <Cropped>

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2020 Embracing Our Differences International Art Exhibit Celebrating Diversity

The Centerpiece of Embracing Our Differences Is An Outdoor Juried Art Exhibit Featuring 50 Billboard Size Images Created by Local, National and International Artists and Writers. The Theme Is "enriching Lives Through Diversity."art Is a Powerful

The centerpiece of embracing our differences is an outdoor juried art exhibit featuring 50 billboard size images created by local, national and international artists and writers. the theme is "enriching lives through diversity."Art is a pow <Cropped>

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Yubiao Xu's Ouya Office Office

Yubiao Xu Discloses The Ouya Office Office

Yubiao Xu, the creator of the highlighted project Ouya office by Yubiao Xu points out, Mr. Yubiao Xu has been engaged in design work for 13 years, with a professional attitude to win the industry and customers. This design scheme through in-depth un <Cropped>

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Luneng Mgm Royal Villa by Kot, Ge

Kot, Ge Exhibits The Luneng Mgm Royal Villa Residential Design

Kot, Ge, the thinktank behind the awarded project Residential design by Kot, Ge spells out, “Image” is an inseparable part of the ancient Chinese poetry. As a Chinese, we tend to endow a certain “Subject” with a “Special Meaning”, and t <Cropped>

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Lounge Chair :cocoon by Tim Kwok

Tim Kwok Designs The Cocoon Lounge Chair

Tim Kwok, the thinktank behind the award winning design Tim Kwok's Cocoon Lounge Chair illustrates, Cocoon Chair was inspired by how silkworm develops cocoon. Cocoon Chair uses continuous line randomly looped around a frame structure to create a <Cropped>

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Korea Healthy Tea Cafe Branding by Mira and Mihyun Kim

Mira and Mihyun Kim Creates The Han Sip Korea Healthy Tea Cafe Branding

Mira and Mihyun Kim, the creator of the displayed work Korea healthy tea cafe branding:Han Sip by Mira and Mihyun Kim says, Interest in health care has increased due to environmental concerns. This brand wants to give healthy rest to modern lifestyle <Cropped>

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Scroll Hut by Hiroyuki Futai + Ep3

Hiroyuki Futai + Ep3 Presents The Scroll Hut Pavilion

Hiroyuki Futai + EP3, the architect of the displayed design Pavilion by Hiroyuki Futai + EP3 demonstrates, This project is a self-build pavilion on campus. The design approach is biomimicry, emulating nature's time-tested patterns and strategi <Cropped>

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Award Winning Ironman Bookshelf

Sebnem Buhara Presents The Ironman Bookshelf

SEBNEM BUHARA , the project leader of the award winning project Bookshelf:IRONMAN by SEBNEM BUHARA explains, The inspiration of the bookcase is the shape of a simple rectangular frame. It was inspired by the unity of contrast and harmony. Ironman is <Cropped>

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Eco Park Contest

New Concept For a Green Recreational Areanew Contest On Metafin and Desall Invite You to Propose a New Concept For a Green Recreational Area That Is Due to Be Built in The Near Future in The Whereabouts of Venice (italy), Conceived as An Aggre

New concept for a green recreational areaNew contest on metafin and desall invite you to propose a new concept for a green recreational area that is due to be built in the near future in the whereabouts of venice (italy), conceived as an <Cropped>

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