Architecture-Hotel:hotel Indigo Hong Kong Island by Aedas

Aedas Portrays The Hotel Indigo Hong Kong Island Architecture-Hotel

Aedas, the maker of the award winning project Architecture - Hotel by Aedas points out, Some of the most fulfilling designs are those embedded and contextualised in their local culture. It was the designer’s intent from the outset to reflect, in th <Cropped>

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Mobile Art Storage by Mina Panic and Carlo Negri

Mina Panic and Carlo Negri Portrays The Io Doodle Box Mobile Art Storage

Mina Panic and Carlo Negri, the architect of the awarded work IO Doodle Box - Mobile Art Storage by Mina Panic and Carlo Negri says, IO Doodle Box is a portable storage unit designed to accommodate children’s interest in learning, drawing and creat <Cropped>

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Award Winning Zesoup Instant Cream Soups

Elvira Firsova-Quzend Studio Shows The Zesoup Instant Cream Soups

Elvira Firsova - Quzend Studio, the author of the awarded design ZeSoup - Instant cream soups by Elvira Firsova - Quzend Studio explicates, Quzend studio team had a goal to create a packaging for instant soups saying that it is a natural product, as <Cropped>

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Residential:big Room by Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Shows The Big Room Residential

The designer of the award winning design Residential by Acclaimed Designer explicates, All interior walls were torn down to transfigure the inefficient living setting into a 270-sqft modern airy studio flat. The home fills with energy to play around <Cropped>

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Lighting Design Award

A' Design Award and Competition Is Open For a' International Lighting Products and Projects Design Awards

A' Design Award and Competition is open for submission of entries by lighting and product designers, lighting architects and lighting product manufacturers from all over the world. With participants from over 100 countries, The A' Lighting <Cropped>

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Konstantinos Papadopoulos-Frb Custom Wooden Bicycle

At Design Interviews

Interview with Konstantinos Papadopoulos : Frank Scott: What is the main principle, idea and inspiration behind your design?. Konstantinos Papadopoulos : My family’s business is in the timber processing and trading and as such wood has been a part <Cropped>

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Capture Contours & Dimensions of Objects:01: Dimensioning Instrument by Instrumments Inc

Instrumments Inc. Shows The 01: Dimensioning Instrument Capture Contours & Dimensions of Objects

InstruMMents Inc., the creator of the highlighted work InstruMMents Inc.'s 01: Dimensioning Instrument Capture contours & dimensions of objects points out, 01 is world’s first dimensioning instrument. Carved in aluminum, and contained with <Cropped>

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Felt Stone Rug-Runner by Martina Schuhmann

Martina Schuhmann Exhibits The Felt Stone Rug Runner

Martina Schuhmann, the designer of the highlighted design felt stone rug - runner by Martina Schuhmann explicates, Felt stone area rug gives an optical illusion of real stones. The use of different wools complement the look and feel of the rug. Stone <Cropped>

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Papers Sampler by Izabela Jurczyk

Izabela Jurczyk Illustrates The Paperlinx Sampler of Decorative Papers Papers Sampler

Izabela Jurczyk, the designer of the displayed work Papers sampler by Izabela Jurczyk explicates, The latest sampler of decorative papers is a tribute to elegant textures and unique colours. World design trends have their direct impact on the latest <Cropped>

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Award Winning Inmoov Adjustable Movable Lamp

Studio Lieven Creates The Inmoov Adjustable Movable Lamp

Studio Lieven, the architect of the displayed design Adjustable movable lamp:inMOOV by Studio Lieven spells out, inMOOV is a ceiling lightening device. The unique feature of this lamp is its ability to folds itself inside out. This movement is base <Cropped>

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