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Lone and Eylone

It’s okay to be bold. If you’re ready to make a statement with the bag that you carry, look no further than qroll’s backpack styles, the lone and eylone. These bags have a sleek, straight forward design, that’s guaranteed to be noticed. Sporty meets classy in a way that you never knew you needed before these backpacks. What makes this design so unique is that the magnetic flap of the backpack faces your back once it is on. Another striking feature of them is that not only can it be worn as a backpack, but can also be carried as a tote, meaning you get the best of both worlds in one bag.

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The epitome of quick and easy elegance. This clutch is versatile because you can dress it up, or dress it down; formal business, casual business, athleisure - meet your everyday go-to bag, the mina clutch. This bag is unique due to its sleek design with a secure magnetic flap, that sure to keep all of your personal belongings contained. You can hold this bag as a clutch, or wear it around your wrist. The bag itself is created with smooth, real leather, making it both durable and fashionable.

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AllRoad TiX

The initial idea behind AllRoad's TiX design was to try and solve a permanent dilemma iPhone owners often encounter: having to choose between keeping the beauty of their iPhone intact and protecting it in a very efficient way. To reach that goal, AllRoad used exception and technical materials: - Titanium, for its purity, resistance and lightness; - Kevlar, which acts like a shield and which keeps the wireless charging functionality intact; - BluShock, a brand new shock absorber material created by AllRoad, which neutralizes more than 95% of impacts' kynetic energy.

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Le Morne Lunch Box

Takeout has a whole new meaning once you set eyes on the Le Morne Lunch Box. It is the playful bag you never knew you wanted. Inspired by the ladies who brunch in New York City, Le Morne is the bag you want to have on you when going to the beach or Central Park. Carry the bag by the handle or wear it cross body for hands-free exploring, concrete jungle style.

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Monos Carry-On

The Monos studio is based in British Columbia, where the natural beauty of their surroundings inspired their design. They studied the ripples in water when it rained, and observed the colour gradations in the sky when the sun rose and set each day, and in all these moments, they found a common visual rhythm. They distilled this rhythm into a minimalist, asymmetric progression of lines, and offset it with a confident use of negative space. Balanced with a bold circular nameplate, the result is an unapologetically modern design that embodies simplicity and artful asymmetry.

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The Check In

The Arlo Skye Check-in was designed thinking primarily on the user experience. The size that allows the traveller to maximize packing but keeping the weight in limit within airline regulations. A zipper-less design was engineered in an unbreakable polycarbonate shell with an aluminum frame and corners to protect against travel wounds. It's perfect for a 1-3 week trip. It has an anti-microbial interior lining and 60 mm wide whisper-quiet wheels that allow you to glide through the airport.

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