Clean Energy Challenge

Together With Ikea Foundation, What Design Can Do (wdcd) Recently Launched The Clean Energy Challenge in 5 Cities – Amsterdam, São Paulo, Delhi, Nairobi, and Mexico City. This Global Competition Calls On Designers and Creative Entrepreneurs to Rethink

Together with ikea foundation, what design can do (wdcd) recently launched the clean energy challenge in 5 cities – amsterdam, são paulo, delhi, nairobi, and mexico city. this global competition calls on designers and creative entrepreneurs to ret <Cropped>

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Lunch Container With Utensils by Wei Young

Wei Young Spotlights The 3 Compartment Gourmet Bento Lunch Container With Utensils

Wei Young, the project leader of the displayed design 3 Compartment Gourmet Bento - Lunch Container with utensils by Wei Young points out, This Gourmet Bento Set is a wonderfully functional all-in-one set for lunch, featuring a lunch container with a <Cropped>

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Award Winning Courtyard House Residential

Tze-Chun Wei Designs The Courtyard House Residential

Tze-Chun Wei, the creative mind behind the highlighted work Residential:Courtyard House by Tze-Chun Wei illustrates, This is a project for a 3-generation family in Changhua, Taiwan. The site is located on the roof of an existing one-story factory bui <Cropped>

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Stretch by Tulin Atamer Karaagac

Tulin Atamer Karaagac Exhibits The Stretch Bench

Tulin Atamer Karaagac, the author of the awarded project Bench:Stretch by Tulin Atamer Karaagac says, Designer created a contrast in-between the material itself and the design against the material's own nature. Choosing different kind of materi <Cropped>

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Wall Hung Wc Pan:serel Purity Wall Hung Wc Pan by Serel Design Team

Serel Design Team Illustrates The Serel Purity Wall Hung Wc Pan Wall Hung Wc Pan

Serel Design Team, the architect of the award winning design Serel Design Team's SEREL Purity Wall Hung WC Pan Wall hung WC Pan points out, While Purity toilet bowl enters in the domination of soft transitions, it also leaves simple and minimal <Cropped>

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Tea Package by Hisu Jeong, Albert Kim and Jiin Kim

Hisu Jeong, Albert Kim and Jiin Kim Shows The Royal Orchard Tea Package

Hisu Jeong, Albert Kim and Jiin Kim, the designer of the awarded project Tea Package by Hisu Jeong, Albert Kim and Jiin Kim spells out, Drink Nature! Feel Nature! Tea for you, Royal Orchard! the real tea making you to feel and communicate with the na <Cropped>

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Store by Xiejin Chen & Wei Wen

Xiejin Chen & Wei Wen Shares The Hi Pop Tea Concept Store Store

Xiejin Chen & Wei Wen, the architect of the awarded project Award Winning Hi Pop Tea Concept Store Store demonstrates, The project is a fashionable brand drink store whose target customers are mainly fashionable youths. The designers’ first ide <Cropped>

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Origyn : International Space Habitat Architecture Competition

Physicist Stephen Hawking in 2017 Reasserted His View That Humans Must Become An Interstellar Species in The Near Future or Risk “being Annihilated”. “the Earth Is Under Threat From So Many Areas That It Is Difficult For Me to Be Positive, ” The

Physicist stephen hawking in 2017 reasserted his view that humans must become an interstellar species in the near future or risk “being annihilated”. “the earth is under threat from so many areas that it is difficult for me to be positive, <Cropped>

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Ykc Iv-Fine Dining Restaurant by Plotcreative Interior Design Ltd

Plotcreative Interior Design Ltd Shows The Ykc Iv Fine Dining Restaurant

Plotcreative Interior Design Ltd, the creative mind behind the displayed work YKC IV by Plotcreative Interior Design Ltd explains, Dining experience combines bubbles element which harmonize with display elements in bronze, marble, with three dimensio <Cropped>

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Imnu-Wall Clock by Jara Freund

Jara Freund Demonstrates The Imnu Wall Clock

Jara Freund, the creative mind behind the displayed project Wall Clock by Jara Freund spells out, Imnu introduces a remake of a design classic, an original approach to the knownl wall clock. The focus in this design lies on the pointers of the clock. <Cropped>

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